Powder Coating and Zinc Plating

We offer powder coating in a variety of stock colors. For more corrosive environments our zinc plating line meets numerous plating specifications.



In-House Production

In-house production allows us to control each step of the manufacturing process to ensure you the best parts possible with quick delivery!

We have ideas!

Design and Engineering

Our creative design and engineering team will work with you to make sure your products will stand out from the others and still make your wallet smile.

Tube Bending

Our Pedrazzoli Bend Master 75 has many capabilities and has been a huge asset to us.  Tube feeds into the bender and it takes over from there!  It will bend up to 3" dia. tube and bends in multiple planes.  It can also drill holes to any pre-programmed diameter and location.

How we can bend for you...

We are able to bend round, square and rectangular tube up to 180°. That means we have more options and flexibility when it comes to our designs for you!

Also capable of bending with a mandrel or without (compression bend) up to 3" dia. tube. That means a great looking finished product.